We work to improve quality of life

Laboratoire de la Mer is a French pharmaceutical laboratory established 25 years ago, specialised in ENT and paediatrics.

We develop and market healthcare products and drugs based on research in the marine world and seaweed to offer patients better quality of life.

Laboratoire de la Mer is distributed in France and in more than 65 countries all around the world, with exports accounting for 85% of the company’s sales.

Our experience benefits your health

We have developed expertise in specific areas to ensure the safety and comfort of those who use our products:

  • Aseptic filling to avoid the need for irradiation
  • No chemical additives or preservatives
  • The creation of special user-friendly packaging

We continue to develop new healthcare products based on natural active ingredients, drawing on our expertise in harnessing the benefits of marine active ingredients. 

We develop products with proven tolerance and efficacy

For every healthcare product we develop, we pay special attention to proving its efficacy and optimising its tolerance.

In order to do this, all our products are tested in clinical trials that comply with best practices, carried out in association with hospital departments.

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