Build-ups, decreased hearing, feeling dizzy, infections, etc.; discomfort which is associated with excess earwax. It is therefore important to have proper ear hygiene.



We all produce earwax, and it is actually essential for the health of our ears, but some people are more prone than others to producing excess earwax. This yellow wax is a blend of epidermal desquamation (skin residue), secretions from the sebaceous glands, fatty acids, cholesterol, minerals and skin proteins. It lubricates the ear canal and protects the eardrum against bacteria and external elements. Each of us produces a different amount of earwax but external factors may increase its production or obstruct its elimination. As such, pollution, excess noise, wearing earphones or ear protectors and the use of cotton buds may cause earwax problems. Yet the ears play a very important role in daily communication. It is therefore essential to gently and effectively cleanse the ears to maintain good hearing, prevent blockages, ear pain, a buzzing sensation, dizziness, and to avoid more severe complications.



AUDICLEAN – EAR CLEANSING WASH is a sterile isotonic seawater solution, rich in bicarbonates, which helps to break down earwax. Use once or twice a week to gently clean the ear and prevent the formation of plugs. AUDICLEAN combines 2 actions:

  • A mechanical action with a star-shaped spray that enables the good functioning of the ear’s self-cleaning system
  • A fluidifying action thanks to a formula rich in bicarbonates that softens earwax for easy removal.

The formula, which has been submitted to clinical tests, is very well tolerated among 95% of users. Its otoscope-shaped nozzle has been designed by ENT specialists to fit to the anatomy of the ear and presents no risk to the eardrum in adults and children (6 months and older). The lack of propellant gas prevents any risk of dizziness.
AUDICLEAN – EAR WAX REMOVER effectively softens and helps eliminate earwax build-ups, whether soft or hard. It facilitates the extraction of plugs in 86% of users. Its efficacy and tolerance have been proven under ENT control. With no toxic solvents, irritating agents or preservatives, it also contains no ingredients that may cause damage to the ear canal or eardrum when the product is used as an ear bath.