Rhinosinusitis is diagnosed when sinusitis and rhinitis occur at the same time, that means when nasal mucosa is both inflamed and irritated.
It is characterised as chronic when symptoms persist for at least 12 weeks. Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal cavities, caused by an allergen.


10,9% of the French population, the equivalent of 6.5 million patients, are said to be affected by non-allergic rhinosinusitis, and 31% by allergic rhinosinusitis. Allergic rhinitis accounts for 50% of all case of chronic rhinitis among adults. Other causes of rhinitis may be infectious, congenital, inflammatory, medicinal, hormonal, etc. Some case of rhinitis may even be caused by stress, diet, ageing or a high-risk working environment, and other factors.
These disorders have a major impact on patient quality of life, and often cause school and work absenteeism, reduced activity and a drop in productivity.


Nasal irrigation helps to reduce symptoms in the nose and sinuses such as headaches, facial pressure, nasal congestion and rhinorrhea.
Patient quality of life is improved by 28% for allergic rhinitis and by 93% in case of chronic rhinosinusitis.
RESPIMER NETIFLOW is an effective nasal irrigation device that is useful and suitable for the treatment of rhinosinusitis. By administering 240 ml of solution with suitable pressure and flow, nasal irrigation means that the nose and the passages leading to the sinuses are thoroughly cleaned.
In contrast to normal saline, RESPIMER NETIFLOW nasal irrigation solution not only contains sodium chloride, but also some very precious mineral salts that help with the nasal mucosa healing process after surgery, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Nasal lining is therefore cleansed and the healing process facilitated.
The innovative RESPIMER NETIFLOW device has many advantages including two ergonomic nozzles with a soft texture, adjustable flow, a flexible bottle that is easy to squeeze, mild or intense irrigation methods and pre-dosed sachets that are ready to use.
Nasal irrigation with RESPIMER NETIFLOW helps to:

  • Decongest nasal mucosa
  • Loosen mucus and evacuate excess secretions
  • Relieve sinus pressure by decongesting the nose and sinus cavities


With its 100% seawater formula, it is clinically proven* that PHYSIOMER Hypertonic helps relieve all the symptoms of allergic rhinitis by reducing:

  • Rhinorrhea by 54 %
  • Congestion by 57 %
  • Sneezing by 69 %
  • Itching by 71 %

PHYSIOMER Hypertonic significantly improves patients’ general health and helps reduce the use of drugs such as corticosteroids and local vasoconstrictors.

* Randomised clinical study, under oto-rhino-laryngological control carried out on 256 patients (aged over 12 years old) suffering from persistent or intermittent allergic or non-allergic rhinitis or rhinosinusitis for at least 2 years, split into 3 parallel groups.

Evolution of the symptoms in Physiomer group vs. control group with no nasal cleansing.
Results obtained after 6 weeks of treatment (visit 3); Average tolerance on the final visit was evaluated as very good.