Although generally harmless, colds cause unpleasant symptoms such as a runny or blocked nose that can disrupt quality of life and cause tiredness. RHINACTION and PHYSIOMER help treat these symptoms quickly and effectively.


Colds are the most common infections in humans and are characterised by sneezing, fever, a burning sensation in the nose, nasal congestion and rhinorrhea, sometimes with throat irritation and headaches. Colds affect the upper respiratory tract and are a combination of rhinitis and pharyngitis. As a result, nasal mucosa is inflamed, the nose is blocked during the first few days, then starts running, and the throat is painful.


In most case, colds clear up by themselves in about a week. Therefore, it’s mostly about relieving symptoms such as nasal congestion and headaches. Drugs that are traditionally used to treat colds contain vasoconstrictors which work to narrow the blood vessels. These specialist treatments present major risks – particularly cardiovascular risk, in the case of overdose – in view of a harmless common cold.
RHINACTION is a good alternative to these treatments. Indeed, it helps decongest the nose; it clears secretions and purifies by helping eliminate excess of mucus and pathogens. RHINACTION relieves right from the first minute after application among 67% of users* and 97% of patients are satisfied after use**.
RHINACTION relieves nasal congestion, does not dry nasal mucosa, and does not create a rebound effect after use.

*Clinically proven efficacy in case of acute rhinitis

**Patients evaluated a similar device as being much more satisfying, satisfying or as satisfying as their usual decongestant nasal spray



In contrast to normal saline or other seawater-based isotonic specialities, which only contains 30% seawater, PHYSIOMER is guaranteed 100% seawater. By preserving 100% of the minerals found in seawater, PHYSIOMER helps effectively soothe all cold symptoms by providing the minerals required for the regeneration of respiratory mucosa. PHYSIOMER cleanses, evacuates secretions and decongests the nose in case of colds. Scientific studies show that the use of PHYSIOMER improves breathing by 45%.