Endonasal surgery, surgery of the nasal septum, inferior nasal concha, sinuses, middle meatotomy, ethmoidectomy, rhinoplasty, etc. In post-operative care, surgeons recommend daily nasal cleansing to facilitate healing and prevent any risk of infection.


After surgery, post-operative care is extremely important to prevent complications. Nasal irrigation for follow-on care after surgery because it helps:

  • Evacuate blood
  • Remove scabs
  • Reduce runny noses
  • Reduce for the most part swelling and therefore promote healing.


RESPIMER NETIFLOW is an effective, practical and user-friendly nasal irrigation device. It provides abundant washing that allows blood to be evacuated and scabs to be gently removed after nose or sinus operations. The large volume of solution administrated at low pressure softens and lifts away scabs. In contrast to normal saline, RESPIMER NETIFLOW nasal irrigation solution not only contains sodium chloride but also very precious mineral salts such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Nasal mucosa is therefore cleansed and the healing process facilitated.
RESPIMER NETIFLOW helps with the healing process:

  • By helping to reduce the swelling which occurs after surgery
  • By reducing runny noses
  • By helping evacuate mucus and scabs
  • By participating in the re-establishment of the nasal lining defence system
  • By preventing the risk of secondary infections

As the mucosa is cleaned, protected against infection and on the way to healing, it will be able to receive drug applications through the nose more effectively.



PHYSIOMER STRONG JET helps to eliminate dried blood scabs, re-establish better breathing and repair mucosa more quickly in the operated area.
It provides suitable double action in post-operative care: moistening and cleaning of nasal cavities and repair and care of nasal mucosa.
PHYSIOMER STRONG JET reduces the number of treatment days by 48% in case of sinus surgery and by 23% in case of turbinal resection. It is very well tolerated among patients, and also allows active prevention of complications, secondary infections, weeping of nasal lining and scabs.