Our industrial site

Our offices and manufacturing site are based in Saint-Malo, Britany. Laboratoire de la Mer has installed its manufacturing facility nearby the source of raw material, seawater, in order to ensure the best quality to our products.



Our jobs :

  • Production floor personnel
  • Quality Assurance (process and product)
  • Quality Control with an on site testing laboratory
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Supply and logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Regulatory
  • Commercial and Marketing
  • Packaging
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Validation
  • IT (networks)
  • Innovation and formulation

Our industrial skills :

Due to the specificity of our products, our industrial site is unique:

  • a seawater workshop, which transforms the freshly pumped seawater, into isotonic or hypertonic solutions, according to the needs
  • 3 aseptic clean rooms for filling solutions in sterile devices (continuous spray or dosing pumps)
  • 1 filling room dedicated to our sore throat product
  • 3 secondary packaging lines
  • 1 control laboratory 
  • warehouses for materials, packaging items, semi-finished and finished products
  • a maintenance workshop

Manufacturing and packaging process :

  • Manufacturing unit : on arrival on the manufacturing site, the natural seawater is immediately processed.
  • Selection of ions by electrodialysis
  • After electrodialysis, the Physiomer® solutions are ready to be filled into the Power Assembly® device. The packaging is carried out in one of the 3 aseptic filling rooms.
  • Secondary packaging of the products
  • Release by the Quality Assurance department
  • Go to Market