Rhinaction® is a natural nasal decongestant spray. It decongests, fluidifies excess mucus and purifies the nasal cavities by drainage effect during colds and rhinopharyngitis. Rhinaction® quickly relieves blocked nose and for up to 8 hours with a regular application of 1 spray per nostril, 6 times a day.(1)

Naturally decongest
to breathe better

When to use Rhinaction®

In case of pathologies reduces significantly (1):

  • Nasal congestion : -71%
  • Sneezing : -79%
  • Rhinorrhoea : -67%


Multiples benefits:

  • Fast and long lasting action decongesting effect
  • Reduces breathing discomfort during cold
  • Improves sleep quality during cold
  • Reduces fatigue induced by cold symptoms
  • No drying effect, no habit forming or rebound effect

Adults and children over 3 years.

From 3 years old. A temporary tingling sensation may occur in case of sensitivity or nasal irritation. Contraindications: pregnant or breastfeeding women; children under 3 years old, allergy to any of the ingredients.

Do not hesitate to consult a healthcare professional.

Class I medical device in Europe. This medical device is a regulated healthcare product that bears the CE mark in respect of this regulation. Read the leaflet carefully before use.

20 ml device

(1) Jana Skoupa, Ludovic Le Taillandier de Gabory: Comparison of hypertonic seawater with essential oils vs xylometazoline 0.1% in common cold, 2017. Study on the medical device Rhinaction, a prospective, multicentre, randomized, and parallel group study in adults over 18 years old with a cold, over a period of 8 days, N = 553.

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