Our mission

For a better quality of life

Laboratoire de la Mer creates and markets natural health and care products, derived from marine or terrestrial active ingredients whose effectiveness, safety and tolerance have been demonstrated through clinical studies.

In order to ensure their tolerance, the products developed by our development teams do not contain preservatives or chemistry-derived products and only contain quality natural origin ingredients.

Effective, natural and innovative, they work for your well-being, in respect of our environment.

Our values

The values ​​that guide our employees throughout the development, manufacturing and marketing of our products are:

  • Respect for the health of consumers
  • Efficacy by clinical studies
  • The assurance of a better quality of life
  • Safety and quality

With a unique knowledge in terms of valorization of raw materials of marine and terrestrial origin. We develop and commercialize health products resulting from research on the sea, to improve the quality of life of the patients.


Convinced of the untapped potential of marine assets, it is in Saint-Malo, Brittany, that we have developed our research and production.

Because today too many health products can be poorly supported, Laboratoire de la Mer has set itself the first mission of creating natural health products that are both effective and well tolerated.

Our goal: to provide healthcare professionals and patients health products from the sea with optimized tolerance and proven efficacy with clinical studies.